Warmer Tone. Richer Feeling. Deeper Expression.

SkinTone Picks

Pick or fingerstyle? It’s an argument as old as the plectrum. And what if you want elements of both?  

The SkinTone team pondered this question and turned it into a sweet musical reality. Now musicians have another tool for their sonic arsenal: SkinTone Picks! Shaped like a standard pick but wrapped in genuine leather to authentically simulate a robust fingerstyle sound, SkinTone Picks produce natural acoustics and one-of-a-kind attack for guitar, bass and ukulele players. 

Passionate musicians use SkinTone Picks to create a unique sound that’s more nuanced than plastic, rubber, felt or stone. Whether you prefer a pick but want to improve your tone or you’re exploring new aural territory, SkinTone Picks open up new possibilities for your tunes. 

Try one today and separate yourself from the crowd. 

With its design, I have every confidence that this pick is going to be in my gigbag for a very, very long time.” - Bass Musician Magazine (Read the full review)