Warmer Tone. Richer Feeling. Deeper Expression.
Why SkinTone™ Picks?

Because Tone Matters!

SkinTone™ Picks were created out of necessity.

One of my bass students really wanted to play finger-style, but they just couldn't develop the technique. They were forced to use a pick, but they hated the tone of the plastic picks. I could sense they felt let down, and thats when it hit me; just how important tone is to the feel, and sound of music. 

I went home that night and started thinking about how I could make the traditional pick emulate the rich, warm, natural tone of the fingers. After coming up with a prototype I was happy with, I gave it to my student at our next lesson together. With the very first note he produced with the pick it was obvious to both of us: this pick just changed the tone game. 

Do you play bass, guitar, or ukulele? Did you know your instrument’s tone can sound more natural and pure? It can with SkinTone Picks.

Our patent-pending design incorporates genuine, premium leather to produce deep, earthy, smokey tone. The problem with common plastic picks is that they produce thin, harsh, cutting tones. SkinTone Picks fatten your tone making it sound  thick and full. The difference is instantly recognizable and undeniable.

If you want your instrument’s tone to be in a different class; If you want deep, lush, tone that you can’t get from any other pick on the market, then you need SkinTone Picks.

Order yours today to experience the richer, warmer tone of SkinTone™ Picks!