Warmer Tone. Richer Feeling. Deeper Expression.

The “Eureka” Moment

David Novak found himself in a bind. His student wanted to master fingerstyle bass, but kept hitting a wall no matter how hard he practiced. David saw the joy of playing music slipping away as frustration mounted.

Determined to help his student, David lept into action. He wondered how to make a pick that emulated natural fingerstyle tone. After experimenting for days, he developed a solution that combined the ease of plucking with a pick and the organic timbre of fingerstyle technique. 

When he brought his prototype to the next lesson, David didn’t know what his student would think. But from the very first note, his student’s reaction said it all: playing music rocked again. David created the perfect alternative to the harsh noise plastic produces. And thus, SkinTone Picks was born.

But How Does It Sound?

By wrapping a pick-shaped core in premium leather, David devised a new way to approximate the sound of fingers on strings. SkinTone behaves like a traditional pick but unlocks layers of sound plastic cannot replicate. It’s an essential addition to the discerning player’s sonic palette, as essential as any instrument, amp or effect pedal. 

Technically speaking, SkinTone Picks cut the horizon boost from the middle low-end. But let your ears do the judging: it nails the punchy Motown bass that keeps butts on the dancefloor, allows singer-songwriters to strum without cutting into the mix at the coffeehouse, gives rhythm guitarists wider tonal presence, and captures audible new dimensions for vintage gear enthusiasts. 

What can SkinTone Picks do for your sound? They’re perfect for curious musicians searching for something familiar yet novel. Old yet new. Classic yet cutting edge. Leathery yet firm... you get the point.