Warmer Tone. Richer Feeling. Deeper Expression.

SkinTone Dealer Master Pack


Give your customers a new experience in tone and feeling with SkinTone PIcks.

The SkinTone Dealer dealer pack contains:

  • 6 brown - Singles
  • 6 black - Singles
  • 6 brown - 2pack
  • 6 black - 2pack
  • 6 brown - 3pack
  • 6 black - 3pack
  • 2 unpackaged sample picks for customers to try before they buy

SkinTone Picks are the perfect accessory for guitar, bass, and ukulele musicians, and a product that provides real value to retailers. All SkinTone Picks are made in America, using only the finest leather, materials, and packaging. Theres nothing like a SkinTone Pick!